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Pet Prices start at $300 and go up
Breeder Prices start at $500 and go up
Show/Breeder Prices start at $800 and go up

de Mew Sales Contract

    de Mew Cattery Himalayan & Persians
Lynn, Mary & Katy Leland ~~ Conway, AR 72032
ph 501-450-MEOW (6369) fax 501-327-PURR (7877)
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This document concerns the sale of the following kitten/cat

Name _________________________________  DOB ________ Price $ _______

Color/Markings ___________________________________________________

Sire ____________________________________________________________

Dam ____________________________________________________________

Litter Registration Number __________________ de Mew Litter Number __________

Said cat is being sold as a pet/breeder/show (circle)

If kitten is being sold as a pet and is not already spayed/neutered it must be spayed/neutered BEFORE it reaches the age of six (6) months, preferable done at four (4) months.

Purchaser agrees that this kitten will be kept indoors in a clean environment and all veterinary needs will be met.  Purchaser further agrees that said kitten will not be sold, leased or given to any research lab or similar facility and no transfer of ownership will be allowed without written permission from de Mew.

Breeder retains first right of refusal:  If for any reason new owner chooses not to or cannot keep the kitten, de Mew reserves the right to reclaim the kitten without monetary exchange (if the kitten was sold as a pet) and without judicial intervention.  If the kitten was sold as a breeder new owner agrees to not resale the kitten as a breeder without written permission from de Mew and de Mew reserves the right to buy said kitten back for a price no greater than the original sale price.

Purchaser has been instructed that the kitten has been raised on ______________________ and ________________________.  Any attempt to change the diet is not recommended but if done must be done gradually to avoid intestinal difficulties that can become life threatening.

Violation of any of the above by the purchaser of pet kittens will result in immediate payment to de Mew in the amount of $500 and the kitten will be returned unconditionally/immediately to de Mew without judicial intervention.  If said kitten was sold for breeder or breeder/show and is ever found to be in a neglected state it will be returned to de Mew immediately at purchaserís expense and purchaser will be help responsible to de Mew for any and all medical testing required to bring said cat back into the de Mew cattery.

Purchaser assumes the responsibility for paying for any and all attorney fees and court costs necessary to enforce this contract and any such court action will take place in the state of Arkansas, County of Faulkner, City of Conway.

Health Guarantee

Breeder (de Mew) certifies that purchaser is receiving to the best of their knowledge a feline that is healthy and is guaranteed at the time of purchase to be FeLV/FIV negative.

If purchaser chooses to have a licensed veterinarian of their choice test the kitten for FeLV/FIV, they have three (3) working days from the time of purchase to do so at their expense and return the kitten to the breeder for a full refund if found to have a verifiable positive result.

If the kitten should die within the first 24 hours after leaving the cattery the breeder will replace the kitten with another one as soon as one is available following a full, verifiable necropsy report from a state laboratory via a licensed veterinarian stating that the nature of death was genetic and a replacement should be given.  All veterinary bills are the responsibility of purchaser.  The "common cold"/URI is in no way covered under this health guarantee.  

Scoopable litter is not recommended........ask us why?

Isolate your new kitten........ask us why?

Do not bring your new kitten into immediate contact with other cats....... ask us why?

Kitten comes to you with the following age appropriate vaccinations on a completed shot record:  1) Panleukopenia  2) Rhinotracheitis  3) Calicivirus


____Attached is a copy of The New Vaccines:  Beneficial or Deadly?

Signatures below indicate full agreement/approval
 of this document

Signed this ________ day of _________ 2001 PM AM

City                 State               Zip

(Area Code) Phone Number

DL Number/State                    SS Number

Lynn, Mary or Katy Leland
        de Mew Cattery   >^,,^<
(C) Copyright 2001 All Rights Reserved